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LOVE&LIBBY Adi Mizrahi founded the boutique store in 2014
When she made it her goal to share her love for the world of fashion and lifestyle
She began her journey by studying for a degree in business administration with a specialization in fashion design, textiles and purchasing in the USA

Later on, Adi decided to realize her dream and open the boutique store to a wider segment of the population, with an emphasis on importing meticulous capsule collections, so that at any age and in any size you can find the items that will suit you and provide you with a response throughout the day and evening

Throughout the years, Adi has been working directly with fashion manufacturers, one of the leaders in the US and the world, and personally imports all the designs, models and fabrics, the most unique lifestyle and home decor details

LOVE&LIBBY These products are a distinct trademark of


We are here, so that you can connect to the shopping experience, and enjoy items that will accompany you season after season